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Care hints and symbols

General care hints

Care labels
should never be removed.

Items consisting of more than one piece should always be washed or dry-cleaned together, otherwise they may not remain identical in terms of colour or surface texture.

New clothing that is to be worn next to the skin should be washed before you first put it on. This removes any residues from any special treatments undergone by the weave or fibres.

Especially clothing in very intense or dark colours has a tendency to stain other items through dye or fibres before it is first washed or dry-cleaned. You should keep this in mind when choosing your lingerie.

Items that have been dry-cleaned should be left to air, ideally for a day, to make sure that any residual solvent evaporates harmlessly.

Quality assurance


The creativity and craft skills of our fashion designers are backed up by the Elégance quality assurance system.



Pflegetipps Seide

Silk is an exquisite fabric, but it is also sensitive: even minor damage tends to leave light-coloured traces.



Pflegetipps Wolle

Looking after woollen items properly is quite time-consuming and labour-intensive.



Pflegetipps Baumwolle

As a rule, cotton fabrics are very long-lasting. Since the material is not particularly elastic, it tends to crease relatively easily.



Pflegetipps Leinen

Linen is significantly less elastic than even cotton, which means that it has an even greater tendency to crease.


Synthetic fibres

Pflegetipps Chemiefasern

Synthetic yarns – microfibres in particular – are among the easiest materials to look after.



Pflegetipps Leder

Each type of leather has its own individual care routine. Leather has two sides, each requiring completely different treatment.


Care symbols


Before cleaning or attempting to remove stains, please note the relevant care hints.